Spicer is a unique development of WM company, partner of Premium Ingredients LLC. These are natural supplements and extracts of natural spices, coated on the dry media (glucose, dextrin, salt). Manufacturers of ketchup have already seen the benefits of these additives in comparison with natural spices:

• Simplifies the manufacturing process, because the operation of grinding and sifting spices is excluded.
• Economy of space during transportation and storage.
• Improves quality through constant grain-size characteristics in contrast to the spices which grain size widely depends on the equipment for grinding.
• Stabilized quality of the Spicers grace to the content of flavor compounds. The aroma and taste of natural herbs is unstable and depends on many factors (species and varieties of spices, place of growth and weather conditions, terms and conditions of storage, etc.).
• Microbiological purity of the Spicers is the main advantage, particularly important for manufacturers, because the problem of high microbiological contamination of the natural spices can only be solved by the use of very sophisticated processing (sterilization, irradiation)



Fragrances for liquid soaps, detergents, cleansing and cosmetic products from a leading Ukrainian producer.

Mineral Pigments

Mineral Pigments

Armenia has a wide variety of mineral raw materials which forms a basis for the original color scale natural pigments. Exclusive natural pigments of Armenia are well combined practically with all known bindings that predetermine wide spectrum of their effective usage.