From an ancient time people have been coloring food, drug and cosmetic products. Like, our ancestor used color such as saffron to color certain food. Also many behavioral studies show that the human appetite and choice of food are influence by colors. Imagine food in your dish without color can terrify oneself, thus people all over world are using food color to give a pleasant look to their foods.

Food colors being easily soluble in water has wide application like:

• Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Drinks
• Soft drinks & Beverages
• Animal Feeds
• Cheese
• Confectionery
• Decoration & coatings
• Pesticides
• Tablets & capsules
• Toiletry Products
• Pickles, Sauces & Seasonings
• Bath Soaps
• Jams & Jellies
• Toothpaste
• Shampoos
• Baked Goods
• Washing Powder
• Writing Inks
• Canned Products

Sunset Yellow
Ponceau 4R
Allura Red
Brilliant Blue
Brown HT
Black PN



Fragrances for liquid soaps, detergents, cleansing and cosmetic products from a leading Ukrainian producer.

Mineral Pigments

Mineral Pigments

Armenia has a wide variety of mineral raw materials which forms a basis for the original color scale natural pigments. Exclusive natural pigments of Armenia are well combined practically with all known bindings that predetermine wide spectrum of their effective usage.